Fortnite overtime challenges how and where to find all 7 waterfall locations

Fortnite Overtime Challenges: How & Where to find all 7 Waterfall Location: This is a list of 7 new release Fortnite Overtime Challenges that you need to complete to earn battle pass.

The freshest batch of Fortnite Overtime Challenges has gone live after the v7.40 Content Update. This Challange requires players have to visit 7 differnet waterfalls. In this challenge, players need to navigate through 7 waterfalls located in Fortnite’s Battle Royale map. This is fairly easy. You will have to complete the visit of 7 different waterfalls to get battle pass.

Fortnite Overtime Challenge Visit different waterfalls Locations You are Looking to Tackle:

Fortnite Overtime Challenge Visit 7 different waterfalls

1.Viking Village: On the Largest Waterfall , Directly South of the Viking Village

2.Lonely Lodge: A waterfall is there in the middle of Lonely Lodge just north to the named location text

3:Loot Lake: There are three mini-waterfalls inside the Loot Lake

4:South of Loot Lake: There is a waterfall in the South of Loot Lake in the north east of Tilted Towers

5:South West of Lucky Landing: there is a waterfall in the south west of Lucky landing on the edge of the map.

6:South of Paradise Palms: There is a waterfall directly in the south of paradise palms on the edge of the map

7:Polar Peak: This is in the snow portion of the map

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